Organic Garden Pest Control- Simply Do Away With The Bugs

Just as everyone loves to have a face without blemish so does one like to have a garden without any chemicals. It seems like an oxymoron.  However, it is quite possible to have an organic pest control garden. One must remember that garden need to have insects just as the sea need to have fish and the earth needs to have earthworms. This is how one has a healthy ecosystem. Pets are a very important part of the biological system and should not be eradicated as insects also need food. In fact, they are a vital link and so removing them would cause more problems than solving them.Seattle Pest Control Company 

What does Organic garden pest control consist of? These are the following or summary of what organic garden pest control consist of:

  • Smell: garlic, rhubarb, fish, is strong smelling substances that can keep away pests.
  • Glasses: Most plants give off odors that bugs find unpleasant. These odors are oils that tell the bugs that the plant has its own insecticide. A combination or concoction will help in keeping away the bugs.
  • Soap: Natural-based soaps or even detergents when sprayed on plants serve as pest control. Natural soap is better tolerated by plants. However, it is not advisable to spray soap water during summer as this may cause the leaves to blacken.
  • Barriers: These include plant collars, netting, surface material and traps which serve very well as pest control methods.

Why do posts come?

It has been seen that insects gang up together when they see a plant that is already unhealthy. At times vegetables are bred mainly for produce and taste. Often this is done at the cost of natural confrontation to pests. Also, all vegetables are tender and healthful and this fact is known to insects. In fact the better the soil is made the more the insects are attracted. In fact, for vegetables such as cabbage, beans, potatoes there are different types of beetles that are attracted to them. If one is growing the favorite crop one can be sure to invite insects and cause an outbreak. Hence the need comes to have organic garden pest control devices.

Vegetable pest remedies:

It was seen in the year nineteen hundred and eleven that bacterium Bacillus thuringite NSIS was found to be a very powerful insecticide. The advantage of this bacillus is that it is nontoxic to humans, mammals, and birds. Another advantage of using it is that there is no waiting period between application and harvest. It is also highly selective and can mix with other existing natural controls. It was seen that after the past consumes the bacillus the feeding slows down. However, it takes at least two to five days for the past to die. The disadvantage of the bacillus is that it is perishable and is not effective after a few days.

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